Having worked as a Professional Recruitment Consultant for more than 15 years across a broad range of industries – and for roles at all levels – I’ve seen and heard many stories.


Until recently, I too had almost completely lost faith in our young Y Gens as employees and our futures. Personally over the last few years I’ve experienced the difficulties in finding “quality” entry level or graduate employees to fit roles……


Candidate A had applied for an entry level IT role. He was a grade 12 school leaver from the previous year and wasn’t working….not even a casual weekend job. He withdrew from the role via email, saying “I don’t think working for a small business will be the best for my career”……What career kid? You don’t even have a job!!!


Candidate B just didn’t show up for the interview….and didn’t return my calls when I tried to follow up.


Candidate C didn’t even make it to the interview shortlist after I checked out her Facebook page (Yes I check your Facebook page!!!). Drunken party photos and attire that leaves little to the imagination is not a good impression!


However, I have discovered that there is hope!!! Over the past year I’ve had a trail of 6 University Students complete “unpaid” Internships with me in an effort to gain industry experience. Nearly all of those students were completing double degrees while working casual paid jobs…and still finding the time to do “industry work experience”.


While not being paid, each of the students were ALWAYS punctual, reliable, enthusiastic, positive and extremely capable…to be honest, I feel privileged to have had them work with me.


So why the polar differences? Well I firmly point the finger in the direction of parents!!! Stay tuned for my next blog where I elaborate on this…