“Y” It’s Your Fault Parents (Y Gens)

Last week I launched the first in my “Y” Gen blog series…. “Y” The Bad Rap. Well now I’m putting myself in the hot seat by saying that I firmly believe that parents are to blame for the attitudes and motivations of the Y Generation…… both the good and the bad.

Mum and Dad do not do their children any long term favours by paying for everything, having them live at home as adults- rent free, still doing their washing and cooking their food, and not actively encouraging them to get a job…. let alone to stick with it.

The ultimate goal as a parent is to raise our children to be able to lead happy, successful and fulfilling lives as adults. So you need to be looking at your actions and behaviours that will influence this outcome.

Will your child lead a happy, successful and fulfilling life without stable employment? I strongly doubt it.

Does a business owner want to employ someone who is always on their phone with Facebook and Instagram….or uses up their sick leave at the first sign of a sniffle or a head ache….. or has to be told what to do next every time they’ve finished a task????? This is a definite NO!!!

Employers are frustrated and annoyed by what they describe as the self-righteous attitude of the Y Generation. The common place is for these employees to be clock watchers, unreliable, lack initiative and expect to work their way into the Manager’s seat within 12 months…..or at least to be earning their salary.

As I mentioned last week, I have found a revitalised faith that there are still some exceptional Y Generation people that will and do make great employees….. the unpaid university Interns that have come to work with me have been completing full-time University studies (often double degrees) while working casual paid jobs… and still finding the time to do industry work experience.

I can guarantee you that these people will be at the top of any employers shortlist compared to someone who has completed their degree without ever having held a job or even completed an industry experience placement.

So back to you as a parent….. it is your responsibility to prepare your teenagers and young adults for the workforce….. and the sooner you instil those “employer desirable qualities” the better they will be.

This means stop mollycoddling your kids and have them undertake casual jobs while finishing high school, Tafe and University….. McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, Woolworths etc all teach them about the value of a pay packet (well that’s what it was once called), being punctual and reliable and dealing with customers.

I’ll be posting some tips and tricks for parents later in the week……so keep your eye out.

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