Why did you apply for this Job???…Another Time Waster!!!

Anyone who has placed a Job Vacancy on SEEK and is screening the applications has said this…..and usually repeatedly…….dealing with the VOLUME of “Time Waster Candidates” is the most frustrating part of any recruitment process.

As the Principal Finder at Acworth Recruitment, this is the one BIG constant in my daily job……and the MAIN REASON my clients choose to have me to deal with the recruitment process.

More than half of all applications I screen are quickly discarded because the candidate is not even remotely aligned with the requirements of the role:

  • Level 2 IT Help Desk..… no IT experience what so ever
  • Reception/ Administration asking for a minimum of 2-3 years administration experience..… Hairdresser
  • Architectural Drafter..… Mechanical Drafter

I think the pinnacle of my frustration comes when a position is advertised with the salary range on offer clearly stated..… I take a candidate through the screening and shortlisting stages..… only to have them say that they EXPECT to be paid AT LEAST $10K-$15K more than is being offered!!!

It is clear that many job seekers either don’t bother to read the advertisement and consider the position details before they apply..… or believe in miracles, fairies and unicorns.

Taking a “scatter gun” approach by applying to as many jobs as you can is simply a waste of your time as an applicant..… and of the potential employer’s time!!!

Take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of the business owner or hiring manager..… they are looking for someone who most closely meets the requirements of the job..… has similar experience..… will fit in with their work culture..… and is within the salary range that they have budgeted for..… i.e. they’re going to take the person who is most likely to hit the ground running and stick around.

So here’s my tips on how to identifying the jobs you should be applying for:

  1. Be realistic about your expertise and what you bring to a role.
  2. Read the advertisement properly.
  3. Consider whether your expertise matches closely with what is described in the advertisement.
  4. Consider the salary against your expectations.
  5. Consider the location of the job against your commute to get there.

Major don’ts..… DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME:

  1. If you don’t have the experience and/or qualifications asked for in the advertisement..… then don’t apply. The requirements of the position are based on the operational needs of the business..… they’re not going to change just for you.
  2. I like to put the salary range being offered in my advertisement wherever possible – this is so job seekers can consider it against their expectations before they decide to apply. If it isn’t in the advertisement (as I know many employers don’t include it), then it is included in the back end of SEEK – so use your preferred salary range as a “search criteria” so that you only view jobs that match your salary expectations….. an employer isn’t going to offer you an additional $10K because you’re wonderful – they have budgets and have already done their research etc.
  3. If your commute to work is going to take an hour or longer..… you need to question if the job is for you. People tell me ALL the time, that they don’t mind a long commute and sitting in peak hour traffic..… but the fact is that after approximately 9 months of commuting for an hour or more, people get tired of it..… they sit back and consider how much of their day is being lost – as well as the cost of fuel etc..… and then start to keep an eye out for a job closer to home. Employers know this and have been “burnt” by it before..… it actually costs a significant amount of money to train someone up..… they don’t want to be back to square one in only 12 months..… so it is likely that they won’t even read your application.
  4. SEEK and other job boards make it sooooooo easy to just click on “Apply” and off goes your application..… Don’t fall into that trap..… focus on Quality rather than Quantity.

For Employers who are sick and tired of screening volumes of “Time Waster” applications at the end of a 12 hour working day..… then give me a call..… I help to take the pain out of the recruitment process allowing you to concentrate on your business. We charge on an hourly basis so you only pay for the support you need.