Video Interviewing in Recruitment – How can they help with Shortlisting?

Having made use of automated Video Interview technology consistently for over 6 years, we know our clients can really see the value it brings – not just in getting to know candidates better, but in streamlining their recruitment activities in a shorter and more engaging way for both applicants and the company – thus saving them time and money.

The average time to recruit in 2019 was 42 days – or 6 weeks. Using Video Interviewing technology as part of our everyday process, Acworth Recruitment takes an average of just 4 weeks working alongside our clients to find the right employee for their needs.

So, how do they actually help with shortlisting?

Video interviewing provides candidates the ability to showcase their knowledge and personality through more than just their resume. A resume a snapshot of a candidate’s employment history, but it generally doesn’t show whether a candidate will fit your organisational culture.

Video interviews also provide insight into a candidate’s communication style – especially their ability to respond to generalised and basic questions. In many roles, employees will be in contact with customers, and therefore the role will have an expected level and style of communication. Video Interviews allow those involved in hiring decisions to quickly assess if candidates meet this requirement.

Video interviews can also show a candidates’ presentation. While not as formal as a face-to-face interview, video interviews have some formality to them. If a candidate is unwilling to represent themselves in the best light for a Video interview when applying for a role – how will they represent the company? While this is a harsh generalisation, it can be important to consider for some roles.

Finally, video interviewing is something which most people have never experienced before. A candidate’s willingness to interact with new and different technology during the recruitment process may indicate their willingness to adapt to change within a new workplace.

With this in mind, hiring managers are able to collate a streamlined shortlist based on communication, personality and presentation (along with general suitability for the role) for multiple candidates– all without taking hours for telephone screening or to meet with them in person.

For some of our high volume roles, ensuring that our clients gain a solid understanding of candidates prior to a face to face interview is vital. Entry level IT roles for example, often receive hundreds of applications with perhaps 20 who actually meet the requirements of the role. Rather than spend 30minutes on the phone with each of those 20 candidates, we ask them to complete a pre-recorded video interview which we can share directly with our client. Based on these 20 or so pre-recorded Video Interviews, our clients generally meet with between 1 and 4 candidates for face-to-face interviews.

Video Interviewing in recruitment is becoming more and more common. Around 60% of companies use them as part of their general recruitment process. To ensure that you are able to access the widest pool of quality candidates while still being able to shortlist effectively, you may want to consider adapting your recruitment process.

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