My absolute #1 Tip to job seekers is to put yourself in the shoes of the person looking after the recruitment for the role.

They will be looking at a high volume of applications (including yours) and trying to identify those who will best meet the requirements of the role. You need to ensure that your application is easy to read and clearly highlights why you have applied and what experience, qualifications and abilities you have to meet the requirements of THIS role.

My #2 Tip is to ensure that you apply for jobs that closely match your existing experience, qualifications and abilities.

In the current economic market, there are more people applying for each job. Candidates need to use their resources effectively and not waste time, energy and expense in applying for roles that you’re simply not in the running for.

Here is a link to my blog with the full outline of Do’s….and Don’ts of which jobs you should apply for:

My #3 Tip is to tailor your job application to the specific nature of each vacancy rather than just using a blanket Cover Letter and Resume.

Making some minor adjustments in your resume to highlight the relevant experiences (to the advertised job) you have gained in each role will increase your chances of being shortlisted for interview.

Here is a link to my blog with the full outline of Do’s….and Don’ts for Resumes and Cover Letters:


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