We know Gen Y are typically struggling in the workforce….what can you as a parent do to give your child the best shot?

Let them find their own way: Avoid handing your kids opportunities on a silver platter. For example, you might have a connection who can secure your child a work experience position. That’s great! However, instead of setting it up yourself, allow your child to make the call and ask themselves.

Praise: Positive praise goes a long way, but make sure you encourage hard work and dedication as opposed to encouraging self-indulgent mindsets about being “special” or “gifted”.

Lead by example: Children are typically most influenced by their parents, particularly during their formative years. They will pick up on how you handle conflict or setbacks. Encourage your children to consider all perspectives of a situation as well as the options to try and create a solution……one of the best tips I ever had was “the only person you can change, is yourself…..you have no control over others….but can influence and lead by example”.

Encourage them to “Get out There”
: I’ve heard numerous recent reports while discussing this blog series with others – of parents not allowing their children to have jobs while in High School. Whilst academic success is definitely important…..real world experience is just as important….and HIGHLY sort after by employers.