If you’ve been following our articles this week, you’ll know we’ve been blaming parents for Gen Ys attitude in the workforce……to combat this doom and gloom, here are some ways Gen Ys can up their game……

Keep moving: Avoid sitting idle at all costs. Don’t have a part-time/ casual job? Get one, even if the only place hiring isn’t your first preference (or sixth).

Everything is an experience: Has a job or internship left a bad taste in your mouth? Great, now you know what you don’t like.  Every experience has a silver lining.

Take action: Ask for help and advice when you need it, but take action yourself. Have an issue with a teacher/friend/boss? Ask your parents for guidance, but when it comes down to it make the call or have the conversation yourself.  That conversation while seems intimidating – the worst that can happen is that there is no change. Also – practice makes perfect!!

Find a mentor: Keep an eye out for someone (or multiple someone’s) to help guide you. For example, a more experienced colleague who can help you understand the industry, expectations of employers, and the ins and outs of business making-decisions.