Tips for Employers (about Gen Y)

Provide Clear UPFRONT Structure & Boundaries: Make sure you have basic company policies around things like “use of mobile phones in the workplace”, “sick leave” and “personal presentation” and explain these upfront through a general induction on their first day. Then make sure you consistently enforce this throughout the company – ie raise the issue immediately in a conversation when they step outside the boundary (this saves it becoming a bigger issue and more difficult conversation down the track) and apply the rules to EVERYONE.

Explain what you need and why:
Y Gens need to feel like their work is contributing to the bigger picture, so put their position in context. If they don’t understand why a task is important they’re unlikely to care and deliver top notch results……..They tend to ask LOTS of questions, especially around the “why”……so be prepared for that – provide genuine responses and refrain from feeling frustrated.

Praise and appreciation: Showing your Gen Y the value and affect their work has is invaluable. Did they produce an analysis report that helped you rectify flaws in a training program? Tell them! Show them the positive influence their work had. Regular performance reviews are critical for the Y Gen…..throw out your idea of once a year Annual Appraisals and Reviews……it doesn’t always have to be in a formal setting…..and doesn’t have to take any longer than 15-30mins…..regular feedback is what they crave.

Coaching & Development: Gen Ys grew up in the internet generation, constantly furthering themselves by reading lists of hints and tips on a huge range of subjects. They soak up info! They have absolutely no desire to sit still in the one role doing the same tasks for the next 2 years…..or even 1 year. Provide your Gen Y with opportunities for further training and exposure within the workplace….and potentially through formal avenues as well. If they feel challenged and that they are growing and improving, they’re likely to apply themselves more and stick around longer.