The Dreaded REDUNDANCY – Where did MY Job GO???

In the recent weeks we’ve been looking at the constant changes in jobs with “Then and Now….Where have the Jobs Gone?? ( and “My Job has Changed Too!!” (… well as looking at what businesses should be doing to not just survive…but thrive “Business Owners – Look up and Live” (……… This week I’m turning the focus to employees and the dreaded REDUNDANCY.

As a recruiter, I speak with 100’s of people when they’re applying for positions…..and of course I’m asking the obvious question, “Why did you leave your position with Xyz Company”?

The responses vary, however, some of the most common are:
• The company was sold or bought out.
• The company decided to centralise that particular function interstate.
• Manufacturing was moved overseas.
• Downturn in the mining industry.

As I have pointed out previously….. jobs don’t just disappear over night……there are ALWAYS signs……you just need to be aware of them.

As an employee you will see little changes here and there…..positions not being replaced after someone leaves……small functions of your role (or of other roles) being passed to interstate offices or outsourced……workloads decreasing with a decline in sales. It’s up to you keep your head out of the sand – notice these things – and take some action.

Now taking action can take a number of forms:
1. Update your Resume and LinkedIn Profile to ensure it is current and accurately represents your skills and experience.
2. Start to monitor the job boards such as SEEK for another suitable role….and apply.
3. Consider upgrading or gaining relevant qualifications, licences etc.
4. Consider carefully if now is a good time to make a career change or sideways move to improve your long term employment options….and how to go about it.

In fact, I would recommend that everyone takes a regular review of their current job, career goals and personal circumstances and takes a PROACTIVE approach. Being prepared, current and on the front foot provides a safety net for your future.

Of course, doing nothing and just continuing to go to work and do your job is also a form of action…..or rather inaction.

If your Employment Profile needs a review OR you need help with the Action Checklist items above…..then make sure you’re following on Facebook ( as I’ll have a guest post from Michelle Keeffe who is a great Coach in this area later this week.