Small Business Hiring

Many business owners start out in business where they’re fulfilling all the roles in the business, the ‘one man band’.  They bring that business to a certain level and then realise they are not as free as they thought they would be, that they have ended up suffering from, as Michael Gerber described it ‘entrepreneurial seizure’.

To get over this they then decide to hire some other people to help them with different parts of the business.  In many cases this is where the trouble starts when they find they are unable to get on with the person that they hired.  This comes about because they are of a different behavioural style to the person they have engaged, and after an initial honeymoon period the frustrations set in.  If it is not dealt with they can end up with a revolving door where people are coming and going all the time.

Many people are attracted to a business because of the success of the business, the brand or the style of the business owner.  They then become disenchanted with the clash in personalities and look to move on.  This falls under the description of ‘people are attracted to the business because of the business but leave because of the manager.’ The 2015 Interact/Harris Poll as detailed in the Harvard Business Review says “91% of employees say communication issues can drag executives down”.

The answer to this challenge is for people to learn about the different behavioural styles such as DISC and gain awareness of themselves and others.

If you want to grow your business bring it to the next level it is essential that you acquire the skill of understanding yourself, reading others, and adjusting YOUR behaviour for the individuals that you are working with.  Those business owners, executives and managers who learn and practice this skill are able to get others to help them bring everything to the next level. A side benefit is that everyone can also then relate better to people outside the business – like clients or family!


Acknowledgement to Bryan Worn The Clarity Coach