Engage Your New Employee – Put yourself in their shoes!!

See this change as an opportunity – your staff are your greatest asset !!!

1.    Before they commence

Do they have the appropriate documentation – ie Letter of Offer, Position Description?

Do they know what time they need to arrive on their first day and who to ask for?

Do they know what the dress code is?

Contact them the day (working day) before they start.

2.    Buddy/ Mentor Program

Nominate a staff member who is of a colleague level (so they feel comfortable) to “buddy” with them for the first 2 weeks.

Show them the ropes for coffee breaks, lunch routines (ie fridge etc), introduce them to other staff and show them around.

3.    Training/ Resources to do the job

Induction – tour of the workplace, safety, phones, computers, who to go to, culture expectations, procedure for when they are sick or unable to come to work etc

Ensure that there is appropriate training provided – both on the job and formal if required – DO NOT throw someone in the deep end and make them swim!!

4.    Feedback and Probation

Provide regular feedback on how they are progressing – Positive and Negative – if necessary, make it clear that you are having to repeat information or that they are making excessive errors to them if they are struggling.

Monitor the end of probation date and ensure that you formalise the transition.