Your Employee Has Resigned – Now What?


1. Exit Interview

A brief open meeting with your exiting employee can be very constructive when done right. You can learn about potential issues you were not aware of as well as positives to help sell the role to your next employee.

2. Task Analysis of Role – Review the Position Description

This is absolutely critical – you must be sure of the tasks and responsibilities for the role and how they will fit in with the rest of your business requirements and existing staff responsibilities. What is the work you need to have carried out?

3. Research the Salary

Research the salaries being paid to people in other organisations who carry out similar tasks and hold the same level of qualifications – you are competing for quality staff in this market.

4. Is There Anyone Internal?

This is a great opportunity to develop one of your high performing existing employees. People feel valued and gain a sense of achievement when provided with career advancement opportunities. This will build loyalty within your team.

5. Sourcing Suitable Candidates – Advertising

Depending on the role, you need to consider the media for advertising the vacancy – SEEK is not always the best option. Draft an advertisement that accurately outlines the role and company in a positive manner – you want to attract suitable candidates and not waste your time screening high volume candidates that miss the mark.