Acworth Recruitment Rally Car Official Launch

Most people know that I’m NOT your Typical Recruiter……

Here is some pretty cool footage (well I think so anyhow) from the official LAUNCH of the Acworth Recruitment Rally Car.

Last weekend was the VERY first event for the Acworth Recruitment Rally Car (AKA “Bruce”….after the shark from Finding Nemo… know….”Friends not Food”….).

This event was a short Rally Sprint based in Urbenville approx 1 hour south of Beaudesert.

We used it as a shoot out and learning exercise for the Driver (yes Kim Acworth) and Co-Driver (Ian Swinbourne, who’s been with the team since 2014) to get used to the MAJOR differences compared to the beloved Libby that had been raced since 2012 (1991 Subaru Liberty).

For the car enthusiasts – Bruce is a 2004 Subaru STI Spec C and was originally built for and raced by Toshi Arai in the Asia Pacific series……and he’s a whole lot of car !!!

We now feel ready for the first major event next weekend (ie Saturday 2nd June) at Imbil on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland – the Inspirations Paint Capalaba Hinterland Rally – which is the first round of the Queensland Rally Championship.

I’ll be posting regular updates and footage to my Facebook page ( – so please follow if you’re interested.

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