Q&A with Jo Buchan (Univeristy of Queensland)

What is your position?

I am a Careers and Employability Specialist within the Student Employability team at UQ. We service the Business, Economic and Law Faculty.

How long have you been in the position?

12 Months

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Seeing the students gain confidence in their ability and applications which then leads them to successfully gaining the work experience or graduate position that they wanted.

What were you doing prior?

I have spent the last 8 years working within Human Resources and Agency Recruitment. My most recent position was Agency Recruitment for the Oil and Gas industry.

What is the BEL Student Employability Team?

The BEL Student Employability Team (SET) is dedicated to assisting students from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL) to increase their employability, access opportunities and manage their careers. BEL SET’s services are supplementary to the Careers Service offered by UQ Advantage.

How do you help students?

SET is dedicated to helping you increase you employability, access opportunities and help them to manage their career. Through our dedicated programs the students learn and practice employability skills that give you the potential to stand out from the crowd in a highly-competitive job market.

Tell us more about the team.

My colleagues and I all have extensive recruitment and industry experience and networks which help us to offer the students more exposure the Brisbane market and allows us to give the students ‘behind the scenes’ coaching, insight and practical tips for recruitment campaigns.

How do you involve organisations?

We partner with external, alumni, businesses, government and community organisations to develop opportunities for student work experience opportunities, vacation and internships, graduate career placements, learning and engagement.

Most recently we have been running a series of workshops that have seen organisation talking to students about different aspects of the recruitment process to ensure that students are well informed when applying for graduate positions.

How we can organisations get involved with you?

We are always encouraging organisations to connect with us and allow us to help organisations engage better with students.

Some ways BEL SET can help you include:

  • Raise your company brand on campus by profiling your initiatives and opportunities through social media and by participating in our events
  • Connect with students through advertising paid employment opportunities
  • Connect with our students for unpaid work experience and volunteering opportunities
  • Expand your understanding of ways to better connect with graduates
  • Work opportunities

We can help you to connect with students in relation to your paid work opportunities. Offering unpaid work experience to students can also provide extra resources and skills for your business and the chance to raise your profile among a student audience.

Organisations often find that they benefit from the up-to-date knowledge and skills and the enthusiasm that a student brings. From the student’s point of view paid work or unpaid work experience allows them to explore career options, gain hands-on experience in their field of choice, and achieve competitive advantage in an employment market that values work-ready graduates.

The BEL SET Consultants are happy to be contacted about paid work and unpaid work experience or volunteer opportunities, and can walk you through the process.


How do organisations contact you?

We can be contacted via our website: https://bel.uq.edu.au/information-employers