My Job Has Changed Too – Advertising….Then $1,000-$5,000….Now $200-$600

In keeping with my current theme of the changing face of Jobs……I’ve taken some time to reflect on how my role as a Recruiter has changed…..and WOW it has really changed!!!

When I first started in recruitment back in the late 90’s (it doesn’t feel that long ago, but I know that it is……especially when I look at the technology and changes) jobs were advertised in the relevant newspapers…..and often at a significant expense.

Every week I would be liaising with my clients and considering where would be the best place to run the advertisement for their vacancy:
• The Courier Mail
• Sydney Morning Herald
• APN Newspapers
• Various specific targeted media such as The Local Government Job Directory

This would depend obviously on the role, where it was located and the budget for advertising. Often, the decision would be made to advertise across several media for high level or critical roles.

Now of course, each of these media had set deadlines to have ads finalised. Every week I would be working with the various Managers/ Business Owners to review the draft advertisements and make changes……..while liaising with the relevant Account Managers at the selected media to provide me with “Proofs” and quotes…….passing this onto the Managers/ Business Owners……cutting it back to reduce the cost…….getting another proof for approval…..and finalising prior to the cut off time.

Initially this was done by Fax…..and then moved across to email.

To run a small advertisement that really didn’t say much in it for a Receptionist would still cost at least $500 in The Courier Mail. To run a “decent” advertisement to try and attract quality candidates for a Team Leader role it would cost at least $1,200. And to run an advertisement for a Management or Director level role, the cost would be over $2,000………..and you would often decide to run the advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald as well – resulting in the advertising cost being around $5,000!!!!

Almost all jobs had a specific close date as applications would come in via Fax or the mail.

With the wider introduction of email and most households having a computer, we were able to speed things up somewhat.

Then with SEEK hitting the scene……we saw the start of a major shift to Electronic…….Electronic job boards and lodgement of applications.

News Corp and Fairfax got on board and set up MyCareer and CareerOne – and for a while we were placing advertisements across both the newspapers and the various job boards (and I have no doubt that they were making some big $’s).

It seems that SEEK has won the Job Board battle hands down within Australia as I haven’t even considered CareerOne for a few years now…..and apparently MyCareer is now Adzuna (apparently).

Now I’m working with clients to decide if we want to use other sources such as LinkedIn as well as utilising Social Media……I’m even experimenting with a new App being developed “Video My Job”.

The average cost of advertising is now $200-$400…….and the ads are uploaded and updated directly (no more Account Manager who has to come back to you) and is instantaneous. Clearly this has been a major positive for Managers and Business Owners as the cost has been significantly reduced and we’re able to have candidates to review VERY quickly.

Once upon a time I would have a pile of hard copy applications sitting in a “Job File” to read through, make notes on, and sort into various piles… Very Good, Good, Maybe, No. I would then collated them within that order in the Job File and start from the top…….I would phone each of the “Very Good” candidates often leaving a message (which of course was on their home phone or work phone number – as mobile phones were still very new technology at that stage)……when I did get to speak with them, I would work my way through a myriad of questions to confirm basic information (such as salary, why they’ve applied, how much notice they need to be able to start etc).

Then I’d get them into the office for a face to face interview where I would analyse their employment history (how long they were really there, why they left etc) and to try and gain an indication of their “Job Fit” (nitty gritty experience, skills, capabilities, motivations etc) – before sitting them at a computer to complete relevant “skills testing” (ie typing speed, data entry, Word etc)…….all of this taking me approximately 1.5 hours per candidate.

Now a days I receive ALL applications via email. After a quick review of the applications, I then direct those who are potentially suited for the role through to a Link for an Online Application Portal – where they’ll answer a series of specific questions which provides details around salary, why they’ve applied, how much notice they need to be able to start etc… well as any specific technical details (such as for IT, Accounting or Engineering roles).

From there I’m able to shortlist more accurately before picking up the phone to speak with candidates…..resulting in less phone calls……and the phone calls being shorter as the candidate has already provided the basic information…..oh and I always call their mobile phone number.

After discussing details with the candidate and determining that they really are a genuine contender for the role…..I then use some you beaut video interview technology to get them “in front” of my client faster.

I’m now able to use technology to not only make the process more cost effect for my clients, but to speed it up while providing more information and giving them a “real” preview of candidates.

I still see many of my competitors, colleagues and experienced HR Managers who are VERY reluctant to change and embrace technology.

I’m not sure if this is due to lack of confidence with technology……not wanting to or able to put the time into experimenting or trialling…..or fear that they’ll do themselves out of their job.

I know for sure that RecruitLoop’s recorded video interviews and web-based platform have been embraced by my clients as it provides them with confidence to only spend time interviewing the “top” candidates……and increases the trust they have in me as their outsourced Recruiter…..RecruitLoop’s technology is my biggest selling point!!!

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