First up to the plate, 19 year old Keely Thurecht, our newest marketing intern.

What do you study?

I’m partway through a dual degree in commerce and business management at the University of Queensland.

My focus is human resources, marketing, and accounting. While I don’t plan on pursuing a career in accounting, I think financial literacy is a vital skill everyone should have.

Why did you decide to intern with RecruitLoop?

For the real world experience.  To see how my studies would translate to a day-to-day position in HR. Knowing why you’re studying and what you’re working towards is seriously motivating!

What are your duties at RecruitLoop?

Marketing – think blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Kim is clued in on what her clients want to see and hear – the only issue is time. My goal is to make Kim’s social media ideas come to life. We already have a bunch of cool projects in the works.

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Do you work part-time?

It’s the barista life for me. I spend a few full days each week in a laid back espresso bar chatting with regulars and keeping Brisbane caffeinated.

Are you heavily involved in uni life?

I get involved in Oxfam and the Business Association, but I would like to have more of a presence on campus. The more people you know the better!

What do you get up to on the weekend?

Sailboarding, rock-climbing, hiking – anything that gets me out in nature.