First Impressions DO COUNT!!!

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Business Owners and Managers are quick to make judgements about Candidates during the Recruitment Process….. But have you ever considered the impression you’re giving them???

The impression you give to your next potential employee/s about your business, its work culture, management style & capability all starts from the advertising stage, and continues even after they commence. If you want to attract high calibre candidates to the role and your business, and have them accept the offer to come work with you, YOU NEED TO IMPRESS THOSE CANDIDATES.

The NUMBER ONE MISTAKE I see employers makeTaking too LONG in the DECISION making PROCESS!!! As a Recruiter, I play the role of a “Middle Man” acting in the best interest of both the clients and the candidates. To facilitate the recruitment process, I need to be proactive, professional, positive and honest. Encouraging my clients to make decisions on who they want to see for the interview, and to whom they want to offer the job, whilst fielding phone calls and emails from candidates seeking an update. This is not only frustrating, but also challenging when trying to maintain a professional image for my client. The result of a drawn out process with wishy washy reasons for delays, usually results in the Top Candidate taking another job offer or simply declining your job offer.

Put yourself in the shoes of your top candidates – most of whom are likely to be in a job and looking to improve their current situation – whether that be the work itself, the work environment, the Manager or a combination of these. Do you want to work for a Manager and Business that is disorganised and ineffective in their communication process??? NO ONE DOES!!!

If you want the best people working for you, then you need to be a GREAT Manager with a Great Business…. and potential new staff need to see this!!!

So how can you make a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION???

There are 15 things that are a MUST if you want to make that great first impression. They are:

  1. Your Job Advertisement needs to paint a positive and clear picture about the role and your business.
  2. The Shortlisting Process needs to be carried out Efficiently – Where possible, you should hold face to face interviews within two to three weeks from when you commence advertising.
  3. The Interview MUST include the Immediate Supervisor – Consideration should be given to include other key stakeholders such as the Business Owner/ Senior Manager – this will save time in needing a second interview.
  4. Be Prepared for the Interview and be On-Time – Review the candidate’s application again prior to bringing them into the room and have the details with you.
  5. Be Professional in how YOU Present yourself and Communicate – This is your first opportunity to gain the respect of your potential new employee.
  6. Be Aware of the Candidate – Give them the chance to ask questions as well.
  7. Be prepared to make a final decision ASAP and communicate this with the Candidate so they know when they can expect to hear from you again.
  8. Do your background checks quickly, and make your decision within three days.
  9. CALL your preferred candidate to offer them the job – Congratulate them, let them know you’re looking forward to having them on board and give them details around the salary and start date – And that you will be sending them the Formal Offer of Employment by EMAIL.
  10. Email the Formal Offer of Employment within 24 hours of your phone call – The Formal Offer should ALWAYS include a copy of the Position Description.
  11. Phone them a couple of days before their start date to make them feel welcomed and ensure they know what time to start, whom to ask for and what to expect.
  12. Ensure you have their work station with computer, emails and logins all set up ready to go.
  13. Have a formalised plan for the first weekwhich is centred around their training and who will be facilitating it.
  14. Ensure others in the business know that a New Person is starting and what their role is – encourage them to make their newest team member feel welcomed.
  15. You as the Manager MUST take the time to meet them on their First Day, conduct regular check-ins during the week and again take the time to meet with them again at the end of the week. Regular check-ins are a MUST for a Manager to conduct throughout every employee’s time with your business.

I don’t believe that any of these points are difficult – with a little bit of time and planning you can create a lasting positive impression that will ensure your staff respect you and want to stay with the business.

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Outlining the Role – Getting the Position Description Right

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Hiring employees is based on your operational needs. You need the additional resources and support to ensure that your business operates efficiently and to ensure that your customers are happy and keep coming back. So it’s CRITICAL that you know EXACTLY what the job is.

Even if you’re needing to replace someone who is leaving, it is important to take a step back and review the role. Consider the tasks that need to be completed, how it sits and interacts with the other roles in the business, the required work hours and the salary.

Having a CLEAR understanding of these factors upfront is KEY to getting the right person for the role in your business. A good Job Description performs a number of important functions:

  • It describes the skills and competencies that are needed to perform the role.
  • It defines where the job fits within the overall company hierarchy.
  • It is used as the basis for the employment contract.
  • It is a valuable performance management tool.

Job Title

The first fundamental element of the Position Description is the Job Title. A good job title will address the following:

  • It accurately reflects the nature of the job and the duties being performed
  • It reflects its ranking order with other jobs in your business
  • It does not exaggerate the importance of the role
  • It reflects similar jobs in the industry for comparable pay and conditions
  • It is self-explanatory for recruitment and attraction purposes

A good example of this is Office Manager verse Office Coordinator or Office Administrator – An Office Manager is reflective of a medium to large sized business with 10 plus office based staff where “management” responsibilities are undertaken on a daily basis – and is likely to attract a salary of around $80K……..An Office Administrator is more likely to be the sole administrative staff member of a small business or perhaps works with a receptionist – to provide a broad range of hands on administrative and office support functions – and is likely to attract a salary of around $55K up to maybe $65K.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Position Description needs to contain a list of tasks, duties and responsibilities required as for the role. This will define the differences between roles within your business and provide the basis for “who does what”.

The level of responsibility (ie. the level of accountability, authority, control, power, leadership, management or influence) you include within the role, needs to be considered carefully to ensure that it is accurate and is reflected in the salary (more on this on my next blog). Whilst this needs to be comprehensive – don’t make it too long as it isn’t meant to be an operation manual.

Skills and Competencies

It is best to list these separately from each other, as they are two quite separate things:

  • Skills are activities the candidate can perform based on what they have learned in the past, or from qualifications they have obtained (eg Professional level MYOB user). Skills can be learned through study and/or practice.
  • Competencies are the traits or attributes you expect the candidate to display in the role (Strong communication and interpersonal capability). This is an innate characteristic displayed by a person.

Qualifications and Licences

Often a formal qualification is required for the role – or preferred. These may range from a TAFE Certificate in Information Technology or Administration – through to a Degree in Architecture with Registration. However, it is important that you be REALISTIC about the level of qualification you REQUIRE for the role – Does your Finance Officer really need a Degree followed by a CA or CPA?

Other critical areas to consider and must be included are the Licences and Tickets that are ESSENTIAL for the role. These may include a Blue Card for working with children, Safety Inductions, a Civil Drivers Licence, etc. If the role REQUIRES the employee to drive to client premises, the supplier’s warehouse, etc. then you must include this in the Position Description as a requirement (eg. Current clean Manual Drivers Licence). If you don’t have this as part of the Position Description and the employee loses their drivers licence – you cannot dismiss them!!!

Reporting Relationships

It is important to include reporting lines and working relationships in your Position Description.

  • Reporting lines clarify the responsibilities of the position by showing whom the employee reports to and as to who reports to the employee. (Reports to the Finance Manager).
  • Working relationships are the people and departments the position requires the employee to work closely with. (Work closely with Production and Sales to provide accurate and timely reports).


The salary that you pay the employee is a VERY important consideration. It needs to be reflective of level of duties and responsibilities, competitive within the market and fit within the salary structure of other roles within the business. In addition, it has to fit within your budget. By its very nature, the notion of SALARY is a highly EMOTIVE subject, for both the employee and the employer.

My next blog will look at salary and remuneration options in detail….

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Attracting Candidates: Will I be “Happier” working for You??

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If someone is looking at your Job Advertisement – there is ALWAYS a reason!!! That reason generally lies in one or more of their “needs” not being met at their current place of employment.

An employee spends more time at work that with their near and dear ones. Therefore, the ‘working relationship’ needs to be FULFILLING. If “something’s missing” – then they will treat it similar to a personal relationship and try to FIX IT! However, if their needs still aren’t being met, then they will eventually start looking elsewhere.

So what are people generally looking for within their employment to be HAPPY?

  • FAIR PAY OF COURSE!!! No one expects otherwise.
  • A sense of SAFETY!!! Everyone expects to be able to go home after work.
  • To feel VALUED!!! No one wants to be just ‘another number’ or constantly ‘criticised’.
  • OPPORTUNITIES to learn new skills, scope for career advancement and future rise in pay.
  • A sense of FIT in their personal values and ethos to that of the CULTURE of the firm.
  • To actually LIKE WHAT THEY DO!!!

To attract the right candidates and have them apply for your job vacancy, your Job Advertisement needs to paint a clear picture of the job, and must addresses all of the points mentioned above. When I ask my top candidates,why did you apply for this position? The answer always refers to one or more elements from the job advertisement that resonated positively with them.

In a nutshell, a Job advertisement is an ADVERTISEMENT!!!

Advertising is a form of marketing communication used to promote or sell something, usually a business’s product or service. (source: Wikipedia)

Your ‘Job Advertisement’ is an opportunity for you to paint a POSITIVE and ACCURATE picture of your business, the workplace and the role itself. The importance of being accurate and realistic when outlining details cannot be UNDERESTIMATED!!! You will not only cost yourself TIME & MONEY, but also lose potential CLIENTS by appointing someone under false pretences!!! By writing a Job Advertisement that is more or less a shortened (cut and paste) version of the Job Description, you’re not taking advantage of the opportunity to SELL the role. REMEMBER, a job advertisement is a tool to attract potential candidates, by communicating the function of the role, the business and essentially promote the business as an ideal workplace.

Here are some Headings you can use within your Job Advertisement:

  • About the Business
  • About the Role
  • Your Skills and Experience or What skills and Qualities are we looking for?
  • What we Provide or What’s on Offer

Don’t be afraid to put the business out there!!! If you’re a ground level IT business dealing with everyday business and people – then don’t be afraid to say we offer “IT help for HUMANS!!!”. If the role requires the candidate to be detail oriented and possess a high degree of analytical ability to the extent that they are ALMOST ANAL, then state it OUTRIGHT!!! People who refer to themselves in this way are the people you want to apply. When I work with my clients, I take the time to really listen to what they are describing about their business, the type of people within their business, what works well for them and of course what the role will actually entail!!! Only then will I work on designing a Job Advertisement that accurately reflects the role, the Brand and the people they are looking for. Thus, providing the best marketing opportunity to attract quality candidates.

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Advertising – Attracting the “Right” Candidates for your Job

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Business is busy and as a Manager or Owner you’re in a constant state of juggling while wearing the many hats of responsibility.

Then you have one of your key staff resign.

Your immediate thoughts go to “I don’t have time for this”!!

So you go to your files – grab a copy of the last advertisement – make 1 or 2 quick changes – then wack it up on SEEK and watch your inbox fill up with applications.

STOP !!! Rewind and let’s go back and ask a couple of simple and important questions. After all, you’re running a business and staff cost you money.

  1. Once that particular staff member has gone, what REALLY needs to be done to support the business functions?
  2. What background experience, knowledge and qualifications will this person need to have?
  3. What do I need to pay to get the right person?

Chances are that over the past couple of years, things have changed in your business and the market. This is an “Opportunity” for you take the next step in moving forward.

Now advertising a vacancy is no different in principle to a marketing advertisement – it is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience to take some action.

Your advertisement needs to grab the ATTENTION of quality candidates then raise their INTEREST in the role – they need to be able to see themselves in the role and the benefits to them in working for YOUR business – and finally lead them to ACTION – you want them to apply.

Quality candidates rather than quantity is the response you need from your advertisement – after all there is only one position to fill and you have better things to do with your time than screen 100 resumes.

To do this effectively, YOU need to be CLEAR as to what the role really is, what type of person you are looking for and what stands out about your business – then reflect this in the advertisement.

Perceived “benefits” obviously vary for each individual and it is not always the salary that is the deciding factor. Your role may offer part-time hours or flexible working arrangements. The location could be close to home for someone and save commuting and parking costs. The size of your business and strong team culture may be attractive. This could be a step up for someone who feels that there is no room for growth in their current position.

So put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and don’t be afraid to SELL the role and your business. The perfect candidate may be working with one of your competitors and ready to make the move!!

Now that you have identified what you actually need someone to do as well as the skills, experience and qualifications they need and you have an advertisement that is attracting a quality pool of applications – you will be able to recognize awesome candidates with confidence.

Taking the time to review your business needs and the role as well as writing a quality advertisement will save you time during the screening process – and we know time is money – as well as ensure that you employ someone who is the right fit for your business.

For assistance to source great staff without outrageous fees, please contact me to see how Acworth Recruitment’s “Finder’s Model” can be tailored to your individual needs. We provide a genuine professional outsource option – outsource any part of the process and only pay for the support you need – no job is too small.


Get the Real Rally Experience !!!

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Keen for a Rally Experience without having to spend the big $’s……

2 People will have the opportunity to jump in the left hand seat and get the REAL Rally Experience (without all those nasty trees).


All you need to do to go into the draw is ANY of the following between now and Friday 5th October Friday 23rd November:

– Place a job vacancy with Acworth Recruitment

– Refer Acworth Recruitment to someone needing help with their recruitment

– Place a positive Google Review about Acworth Recruitment or Bruce the Acworth Recruitment Rally Car on Google Profile for Acworth Recruitment or Google Profile for Manufacturing Recruitment

You will have 1 entry go into the draw for EACH activity !!!!


The 2 winners will be drawn on Friday 5th October Friday 23rd November.

Your Rally Experience Ride will be  Saturday 13th October on Sunday 2nd December at Queensland Raceway – Willowbank.

You can take the ride yourself – OR pass it onto a Customer, Colleague, Friend or Family Member of your choice. 

0411 278 281


Acworth Recruitment Rally Car Official Launch

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Most people know that I’m NOT your Typical Recruiter……

Here is some pretty cool footage (well I think so anyhow) from the official LAUNCH of the Acworth Recruitment Rally Car.

Last weekend was the VERY first event for the Acworth Recruitment Rally Car (AKA “Bruce”….after the shark from Finding Nemo… know….”Friends not Food”….).

This event was a short Rally Sprint based in Urbenville approx 1 hour south of Beaudesert.

We used it as a shoot out and learning exercise for the Driver (yes Kim Acworth) and Co-Driver (Ian Swinbourne, who’s been with the team since 2014) to get used to the MAJOR differences compared to the beloved Libby that had been raced since 2012 (1991 Subaru Liberty).

For the car enthusiasts – Bruce is a 2004 Subaru STI Spec C and was originally built for and raced by Toshi Arai in the Asia Pacific series……and he’s a whole lot of car !!!

We now feel ready for the first major event next weekend (ie Saturday 2nd June) at Imbil on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland – the Inspirations Paint Capalaba Hinterland Rally – which is the first round of the Queensland Rally Championship.

I’ll be posting regular updates and footage to my Facebook page ( – so please follow if you’re interested.

For assistance to source “Keepers” without outrageous fees, please contact me. I provide a genuine professional DIY alternative that won’t break the bank (average cost for my placements in 2017 was $1,500 – $2,000)!!! 


Lock Your New Employee in for the New Year NOW!!!

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Are you planning on putting on a new employee to start within your business by the end of January???

Well DON’T WAIT until after Xmas and New Year to advertise the role. The wait might result in you not having anyone available to start till late February or March!!!

FACTS to Consider:

  • Employees that are planning on changing jobs for a Fresh Start in 2018, have already made that decision now….!!! They’re just holding off so that they can take their annual leave over Xmas/ New Year.
  • The number of Roles being advertised in Mid-January demonstrates a peak in the market…. You’ll be competing against a high volume of similar vacancies.
  • Many candidates with jobs need to provide at least 2-4 weeks’ notice once they resign.
  • There is a significant increase in professionals relocating over the Xmas/New Year period, especially since it’s holiday season at Schools and Universities. Again, they have already made that decision now!!!


With a well-structured recruitment campaign and advertisement targeting job seekers wanting a fresh start in 2018 – you will be able to appoint that perfect employee before Xmas and have them locked in to start by the end of January…. You and your new employee will then be able to enjoy the holidays and festive season knowing that you have the Fresh Start for 2018 locked in and ready to go!!!




For assistance to source “Keepers” without outrageous fees, please contact me to see how Acworth Recruitment’s outsource model can be tailored to your individual needs. I provide a genuine professional DIY alternative that won’t break the bank (average cost for my placements in 2017 has been $1,500 – $2,000)!!!

The Resourcing option SMEs are Afraid of – But really shouldn’t be!!

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Acworth Recruitment supports businesses to find in-house employees without the pain of DIY……but the best resourcing solution is not always an “employee”.  Outsourcing work…..especially to “offshore” set-ups can be risky….and hence, many SME’s aren’t swayed by the cost savings……but I found an option with Simple Support with great foundations…..and WELL WORTH considering……

Ben Casado is the General Manager & Co-Founder of Simple Support – an Australian owned & managed outsourcing company specialising in virtual assistance, transcription, lead generation and engineering back-office support.

The heavy competition in business has always had SMEs scrambling for ways to grow and keep delivering more for their consumers. While the playing field has levelled to an extent between SMEs and bigger corporations (thanks to online marketing), scaling and expansion for the former still comes as a challenge.

Meeting increased consumer demands can be somewhat of a growing pain for many a SME. Generally, one out of three things happen:

  1. Business owners hire more staff (casuals or otherwise)
  2. Business owners request their existing team to work overtime
  3. The business owner him/herself works more than the usual hours

While options #2 and #3 can be implemented immediately, it must be said that these are not always ideal solutions (from a quality perspective, financial and work/life balance) whilst option #1 always appears to be the path of least resistance.

However, in amongst training and retaining casual staff that attract hefty hourly rates……there is a lesser known fourth option SME owners and managers could always “employ.”

These days, marketing isn’t the only thing you can do online. With instant messaging; cloud-based systems; and voice and video calls, working with a virtual or outsourced team is not at all a far-fetched concept. Allow me to enlighten you with a few important points:

  • Out-sourced teams are scalable, as required by your business.
  • You can find virtual staff equipped with skillsets and expertise you may not yet have.
  • You can find virtual staff with a variety of focus or specialisation areas.
  • The average hourly rate for even a basic level casual is around $18.29 (plus loading, plus super)[1]. Hourly rates paid for a virtual staffer is considerably more affordable (50% more in many instances) and often there is no need to invest in further plant and equipment.
  • Launching is quick, sometimes even immediate. After talking about requirements and standards with your virtual staff, you can start working with them as soon as the next day.
  • You can hire project-based virtual staff for either short-term or long-term, depending on your unique requirements.

Many fear quality (or a lack thereof) and yes a virtual assistant should be vetted and scrutinised, as is the case with any team member.

This is where Simple Support steps in and really adds value. Unlike most other VA or offshore service providers, we provide locally based support to project manage your requirements (no matter how big or small). We’ll work closely with you to confirm exactly what work you need done and the skills to carry it out….. we’ll then come back to you with a detailed service blueprint, enabling us to hire, train and quality control the project.

If your business has a back end administrative or repetitive task that you would love to hand over, than feel free to give me a call for an obligation free discussion……..we can even help with drafting, estimating and other technical areas.

[1] Fair Work Ombudsman (Australian Government), “Minimum Wages”, retrieved online 1st August 2017,

Why Your Resume Won’t Cut it on LinkedIn

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As a Professional Finder, I utilise LinkedIn EVERY DAY to research candidates that apply for roles with my clients……and to “Hunt” for people that may not be actively searching for a new role….but open to that great opportunity falling in their lap.

So I’ve asked Kylie Chown to pass on some of her insights and wisdom around LinkedIn Profiles……

I recently worked with a client who was a manager in a professional services business and, although she didn’t have a particular role in mind, her plan was to move to a new role within the next 12 months.

We had talked about her resume and the importance of making it outcomes focused. We were moving on to her LinkedIn profile when she asked:

“But don’t I just upload my resume to my LinkedIn profile?”

I explained that her resume could include more comprehensive details on her past, while her LinkedIn profile was about her future. I explained that if she was to just upload her resume to her profile, she would not be maximising LinkedIn’s capabilities. Her LinkedIn profile was in the public domain, and her resume contained confidential information we couldn’t put on her profile.

Furthermore, Business Insider Australia recently reported:

“Users who simply post a static resume (on LinkedIn) and don’t make an effort to interact with others in their network will not receive as many opportunities.”

When used effectively, LinkedIn can help job seekers to:

  • Be found by recruiters for their target role.
  • Position themselves as a recruiter’s ideal candidate.
  • Support their job applications as a validation tool.
  • Nurture and strengthen relationships with recruiters and decision makers.
  • Search and identify key contacts within their ideal employer.
  • Leverage the job search capabilities of LinkedIn.
  • Support face-to-face activities.

 Here are my top tips to ensure that job seekers leverage LinkedIn to its full capabilities:

  1. Make sure you are found for your ideal role. Develop your profile around the keywords, skills and abilities for your ideal job moving forward.
  2. Ensure that when you are found, you are positioned as the ideal person for the opportunity. This includes have a strong “click through” headline and content that is mapped to your future in the summary and in each of the employment sections.
  3. Validate the findings with evidence. Include evidence of statements and skills. You can do this by adding websites and plugins to showcase your work, and fostering trust through targeted recommendations on your profile and reflective skills endorsements.
  4. Share content. According to a LinkedIn blog post, users who share content on the professional social network at least once a week are nearly 10 times more likely to be contacted for new opportunities than people who don’t share.

By developing a strategy for her LinkedIn profile, my client was strongly positioned for her next ideal opportunity, without jeopardising her current role.

Written by Kylie Chown, Kylie Chown Consulting


Won’t worry about reference checks? This article may change your mind….!

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You’ve been through a shortlisting process, interviewed the top candidates and identified a great potential new employee. You’re keen to make the appointment and lock them in…. You think – “Reference Checks are a waste of time – besides…. Who provides a referee that has negative comments?!” For 15-30 minutes of your time, are you willing to take that risk??!

Here’s an example of WHY it’s important to conduct reference checks!!! A short while back…. I was trying to fill a fairly junior Administration Assistant/ Receptionist role….

My client asked me to complete the reference checks on the candidate selected for the role. The candidate had identified that her last two roles were temporary jobs (each being six months long). Now, this candidate had successfully made it through a structured shortlisting process…. The whole nine yards, from the initial resume review, telephone screen, video interview, through to the face to face interview with my client and didn’t raise any red flags. However, the reference checks revealed a different story.

The supervisor from her most recent role gave a very staunch and defensive response – asking whether I had the candidate’s permission (now this is important and we will touch on it a little later in this blog). Furthermore, she made it very clear that the job was in fact a full-time permanent role and that the reasons for terminating the candidate’s employment was given to her in writing. The supervisor simply would not divulge any information other than stating that it was after the candidate’s probation period.

Giving the benefit of the doubt and following a best practice approach, I went on to contact the supervisor from her previous role. Unfortunately, that referee was not in the office that day and I did not have a mobile phone number available.

Being a Friday afternoon, I was keen on resolving this for my client. So, I decided to contact the candidate in order to gain further details. I let the candidate know that her most recent supervisor was VERY reluctant to provide details and confirmed that it was a full-time permanent position. The candidate handled my query quite well saying that she had documentation saying it was a temporary role and admitted to having some personal issues. However, she didn’t feel that it had a significant impact on her performance, and added that those issues were now resolved. When asked if I would have any issues with the next referee – she said “no, I did a good job while I was there”.

On Monday morning, I persisted and contacted the second referee.… low and behold…. I had almost exactly the same response…. it had been a permanent role and the supervisor would not elaborate on the reasons for “letting her go”.

I can tell you that this certainly isn’t the first time a candidate hasn’t been offered a role after I completed reference checks…… and I am certain that it won’t be the last.

Here are my 3 tips for Reference Checking:

  1. Ask for RELEVANT Referees from the candidate – Don’t just go off their resume!!! Ask them to provide you with the contact details (Name, Position, Company, Phone, Email) of 3 Managers/ Supervisors from their most recent positions. (This way, you are likely to have valid useful referees…. and you have their permission to contact them – This is important under the Privacy Act). If they cannot (or will not) provide their Manager’s details, then push for a valid reason and pass the responsibility back onto them to chase up their new contact details or to provide an alternate Manager.
  2. Put together a templated Reference Check Document and record the information (If you ever have the Fair Work Ombudsmen come knocking and asking “Please Explain” – this could save your bacon).
  3. As with Interviews – Make sure you DO NOT ask discriminatory questions – including asking about their family commitments or extra-curricular activities (you can frame questions around their reliability, punctuality and work ethic).

What benefits can you gain from completing Reference Checks on your Potential New Employee?

  1. You can Gain a sense of Confidence in your decision.
  2. If you have a difficult decision with more than one great candidate, the information you elicit from the referees can assist you in making a decision.
  3. You can identify if there are any Skeletons in the Closet –or rather…. check if they have accurately represented themselves.
  4. You can Clarify Particular Skills, Traits and Attributes that apply to your workplace and the role (Strengths can be quickly utilised – Weaknesses can be worked on or around).

Employing the wrong person in a role is a very costly exercise – and potentially damaging to your business. Whilst conducting Reference Checking is not fool proof, it has the potential to value-add and can “save your bacon”.

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