Keen for a Rally Experience without having to spend the big $’s……

2 People will have the opportunity to jump in the left hand seat and get the REAL Rally Experience (without all those nasty trees).

  All you need to do to go into the draw is ANY of the following between now and Friday 5th October Friday 23rd November: – Place a job vacancy with Acworth Recruitment

<span class="bp-first-letter">h</span>ttps:// Most people know that I’m NOT your Typical Recruiter…… Here is some pretty cool footage (well I think so anyhow) from the official LAUNCH of the Acworth Recruitment Rally Car. Last weekend was the VERY first event for the Acworth Recruitment Rally Car (AKA “Bruce”….after the shark from Finding Nemo… know….”Friends not Food”….). This event was a short Rally Sprint based in Urbenville approx 1 hour south of Beaudesert. We

Are you planning on putting on a new employee to start within your business by the end of January???

Well DON’T WAIT until after Xmas and New Year to advertise the role. The wait might result in you not having anyone available to start till late February or March!!! FACTS to Consider:

  • Employees that are planning on changing jobs for

Acworth Recruitment supports businesses to find in-house employees without the pain of DIY……but the best resourcing solution is not always an “employee”.  Outsourcing work…..especially to “offshore” set-ups can be risky….and hence, many SME’s aren’t swayed by the cost savings……but I found an option with Simple Support with great foundations…..and WELL WORTH considering…… Ben Casado is the General Manager & Co-Founder of Simple Support – an Australian owned & managed outsourcing

As a Professional Finder, I utilise LinkedIn EVERY DAY to research candidates that apply for roles with my clients……and to “Hunt” for people that may not be actively searching for a new role….but open to that great opportunity falling in their lap. So I’ve asked Kylie Chown to pass on some of her insights and wisdom around LinkedIn Profiles…… I recently worked

If someone is looking at your Job Advertisement – there is ALWAYS a reason!!! That reason generally lies in one or more of their “needs” not being met at their current place of employment. An employee spends more time at work that with their near and dear ones. Therefore, the ‘working relationship’ needs to be FULFILLING. If “something’s missing” – then they will treat it similar to a personal relationship and

Finding the “right” mix between what you “need” someone to have…and what you “want” someone to have in order to employ someone to be “successful” in a role….is not always clear cut. Emotions and idealisation get in the road more times than not…..   When recruiting for a role, I spend time with my client discussing their business, their existing staff, the work culture and importantly….what someone will be actually doing

Anyone who has placed a Job Vacancy on SEEK and is screening the applications has said this…..and usually repeatedly…….dealing with the VOLUME of “Time Waster Candidates” is the most frustrating part of any recruitment process. As the Principal Finder at Acworth Recruitment, this is the one BIG constant in my daily job……and the MAIN REASON my clients choose to have me to deal with the recruitment process.

In my most recent blog, ‘Too many graduates, Not enough jobs’, I wrote about the ever-growing pool of graduates who are unable to find full-time roles as they are considered both overqualified AND under-qualified. With a high level of technical skill but little practical application, graduates are unable to find jobs which match with their area of study. These ‘overqualified’ candidates are intelligent and motivated and

I was watching Sunrise on Sunday when they spoke about something I have recently noticed myself – Only 41.7% of Graduates are in full time roles. This means that over half of the qualified people being pumped out of universities are not obtaining the dream that they were shown when they began their studies. Many school-leavers are pushed into university study by their peers, parents, and teachers with the