Are they the “Right Fit”? – Bringing Science into Recruitment

I’ve worked with Kim for some time now…. using science to help take some of the “unpredictability” out of employing the “right” staff.  Since 1988 (yes that long ago!) I’ve had a passion for understanding and studying personality types. (Kim and her clients often use my services for this very important task).

We all know the old adage that “you can’t make a round peg fit in a square hole” and have either been in the predicament of having to manage that situation OR even having been that “round peg” and just not fitting into the workplace. Sometimes people just aren’t a “good fit”.

I work with businesses to achieve success. Let’s face it. The ultimate goal is to make money. Whilst we certainly focus on helping you reach financial success, at Scope we know that a positive workforce and environment underpins that success. If the staff are happy, they’ll do a good job…. if not…. their quality of work suffers & output declines. They also become negative…. and eventually leave.

EVERYONE talks about work culture…. and most believe that their work culture is positive & that it is what makes them “them”. When employing new staff, business owners and managers want those new staff members to “fit in” with their existing work culture.

BUT…. and yes, it’s a rather big “but” …. few truly understand what their work culture really is and tend to describe the peripheral edges. And far too often, after working with the business, I find that in fact their understanding of the work culture is wrong!!!

So how can they expect to employ the right people???……

I help businesses to understand their work culture and the dynamics of their managers, teams and individual staff…. and then how they can positively influence them to achieve success.

My role in assisting Kim is understanding the different personalities to ensure that the new employee fits in…. not only with the work culture of the business…. but also with the nature of the role. For example, the personality profile for an Accountant is usually at the opposite end of the spectrum to a Business Development Manager.

Unfortunately, while personality profiling is a relatively simple concept to get some kind of idea about…. very few master it.

There are five or six, so called ‘experts’ floating around Brisbane and putting people in neat boxes with various personality profile tools.  I believe that understanding the mix we need and the balance of the differing aspects of our personalities is critical. We don’t all just fit in one box. (Well I suppose we all do sooner or later but we don’t like talking too much about that box! A coffin! Aargh!!). There is more to effective personality profiling than completing a short course, having people fill out a questionnaire and then regurgitating the formulated result.

Personality profiling is a VERY EFFECTIVE tool to use as part of the recruitment process….when applied appropriately.

The 3 questions of recruiting can be neatly summed up as follows:

  • Can they do the job?
  • Will they do the job?
  • Will they fit in?

Jim Collins in his often quoted book Good to Great stated, “before you even decide where you are going get the wrong people off the bus, get the right people in the right seats on the bus’.

Where to from here? If you are going to get recruiting done right, you need to UNDERSTAND your work culture, BEFORE you employ the new staff.

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