3 Tips to show your staff they re “Valued” – Without spending a cent!!

During a recent conversation with a business colleague, I was reminded of a tool that one of my very first Managers used that made me feel valued and regarded as an employee – and all it took was 2 minutes of her time.

So I decided to ask the question of young, middle aged and more senior people – “What is something that a Manager did in your workplace that made you feel genuinely valued….and didn’t cost $$$”?

Here are the Top 3 Responses:

1) Make them a coffee / tea OR buy their favourite drink during the day (for this you will need to know their favourite day time beverage – so ask the question!!). FORTNIGHTLY

2) Hand written notes of appreciation and congratulations left on their desk.  EVERY 6-8 WEEKS

3) Talk to them – give them 1-5 minutes a day – show interest in them and what they are doing (Ask them for “highlights” and direct positive communication Eg “what was the highlight of your weekend”). DAILY

So Managers and Business Owners out there – remember you were all working under managers in the past and within teams – put yourself in your staff’s shoes and reap the benefits of a more positive and engaged workforce!! It really isn’t that difficult.

Two other tools mentioned were:

1) Give staff their birthday off……if it falls on a business day.

2) Early Mark rewards – send a staff member home early if they have gone above and beyond.


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