What do you study?
I’m currently in the final year of my degree at the University of Queensland. I am studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Business Management, majoring in Human Resources, Anthropology, and English Language and Communication.

Why intern at RecruitLoop?
During my penultimate year at the University of Queensland I became involved in a program for students which allowed me to access companies holding business-related internships in Brisbane. I chose to intern at RecruitLoop as it fits in very well with my Human Resources study, and has allowed me to understand how ‘real-world’ recruitments works in many different employment fields.

What are your duties at RecruitLoop?

I have been involved with nearly all stages of the RecruitLoop Process and have created campaigns, uploaded job advertisements, screened candidates at many stages and used different programs to ensure good quality candidates for clients with the help of Kim.

Do you work part-time?
I have a casual role as a swimming instructor at Colmslie Pool, which I have had since I was in high school.
Are you heavily involved in uni life?
When I began my degree I was more involved with ‘Uni Life’ but I wouldn’t say I am heavily involved anymore as I keep myself very busy with work, family commitments and my final year of study.

What do you get up to on the weekend?
I work both Saturday and Sunday in my casual job, but try to make time for relaxation with family and friends at least one of those afternoons each week.