The Issue Employers have with Gen Y’s

Well you’ve now had my perspective on parents being a big part of the blame for Y Gens bad rap (……..Let’s look at things from the Employer perspective……Why don’t they like to employ the G Gens…..

Well let’s start with who is an employer and why the need staff. So time to confront Google for answers…….


Definition of Employer: person or business that employs one or more people, especially for wages or salary

The Free a person or business that employs one or more people for wages or salary

Oxford Dictionary: A person or organization that employs people


Definition of Employ:

The Free

a. To provide work to (someone) for pay

b. To engage the attention or activity of

2. To put (something) to use or service

3. To devote (time, for example) to an activity or purpose


So – Why do businesses employ staff?

Well generally speaking it’s because the Owner/ Manager of the business has done a great job in building a strong client base and providing a quality service or product that reaches the point of being too much for just one person…..and then too much for 2 people….3 people….4 people etc.


People need to be brought into the business with the capability to carry out specific business functions.

This is always a hard decision for employers – not matter how big or small the business – as they are handing over the responsibility for part of their business to someone else. Business Owners and Managers need to be able to trust that the new addition to the team will actually deliver the service and/ or product at the same high level as they do.


We all know what a good employee looks like…..they do a good job, they’re reliable and customers and team members like them…….simple really. Well unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be that simple for the Y Gens. I’m constantly hearing the woes and frustrations of employers around the “young” people – here’s just the top 5:

1. Take the day off at the first sign of a sniffle or head ache using sick leave as soon as it is accrued.

2. Clock watchers – arrive at work right on the start time, then making a coffee and slowly settling into the day – taking lunch breaks down to the last second – and leaving work on the button of the finish time after starting the wind down process half an hour earlier.

3. Constantly on their mobile phones with Facebook, Instagram and whatever else is out there these days – during work time.

4. No initiative to get on with things – they finish the task provided then wait to be told what to do next.

5. Expect to be paid more than they’re worth and think they should be the boss after only 2 years.

Employers have an expectation of value for money. It is an expensive exercise employing staff with associated risks.


Stay tuned for my guest blog from John Flett (Flett Consulting), where he will provide some insight and tips around how employers can minimise their woes and frustrations when employing Y Gens.